Happy Mother’s day..

…..To all the queens holding down the fort,
Male or female or other,
Young or old,
Rich or poor,
Struggling or not ,
Single or married,
By choice or by nature,

We see you.

Sharon Kehl Califano and cooltrendds, welcome✨


Confessions of a fanatic weight watcher

I am still managing (through sheer force of will) to work out every other morning, with added runs (can you believe I run) on the weekends, which ever day seems easier.

I haven’t changed anything in what I eat, I’m still trying to remain as healthy as possible.

I’m still scared of the gym. I hear some human in there in the morning (at the exact time I wanted to go) and I’m not strong enough to go see if it’s someone I know or a complete stranger.

This must be the shortest post ever.

122: Pot-valor

Pick an intriguing and/or seldom-used word, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

We’ve all searched for him,

For it is a him,

With the bold chin

And loud mouth,

Swaggering all over the place,

Elbowing his way to a seat

At the center table

Of a party he wasn’t invited to,

As we use him

So does he us,

For that drum pounding away

At your skull early the next morning,

Or the desert lounging in your mouth,

Is a debt well deserved and

Paid in kind.

davidlonan1, welcome✨


Med school journal update

Yes, I’m still studying, yes, I’m still a student. Yes, it feels like I’ve been studying forever.

Anyway, just about halfway my first semester in fourth year, finally done with ENT, Ophthalmology, Forensic Medicine, Radiology and Anesthesia rotations (yes practically at the same time) and can now breathe a bit in Psychiatry (because we’ve just started not because it’s easy).

These “special rotations” are fun, because i know after internship, the only time I might meet them (except radiology maybe) is if I choose to study them further or do something related. They’re not fun though because the work load was H.E.A.V.Y.

I hear stories that my next semester will be WAY easier but this is medical school and people are liars.



At the end of the tunnel,

They say there might be a light,

To guide you out of the darkness and


Into the world beyond,

But then again I wonder,

Couldn’t that light lead you deeper

Than you’ve ever been,

If it was just a crack in the darkness,

Wearing the face of a friend.

emberlysanchez7, williamgholston, jamesshelby71, welcome✨

Thanks for reading🌼

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