Confessions of a fanatic weight watcher.

On the wrong day, but hey. Happy almost women’s day!

Week 4 is over and done with!

I found this great app (from YouTube ads pestering me) called FitOn which I’ve been using for the past week. It’s great, it’s follow along (although no one waits for you to switch positions because they move so fast), it’s FREE (for the most part. Of course there’s a pro version I’ll never see) but it’s great. Really.

I for one, do not like or enjoy working out alone and the feeling that there’s someone else sweating right along with me, albeit in a phone screen (I can’t do that thing with my TV. Not up to date, sadly) because I failed to find a workout partner because I have no friends is amazing. I can’t just choose to stop and go to sleep because I feel like I’m leaving the other person to work out alone. And I know how that feels so…

I know someone would think it’s not that different from YouTube. You search for a workout, you play, you follow but there’s SOMETHING different. I don’t know what.

The diet plan, hmm, yeah not going too well. Still on the no night snacks, on with the water, less salt,no sugar (honey and lemon teas spice mix thingy) and less fried foods (which is hard if you live where and how I live) but battling onward.

I haven’t checked want of my measurements (fear) but I also want sufficient time to elapse before I do.

Tips? Questions? Suggestions? Leave them down below in the comments!


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Recreate: Rupi Kaur: The sun and her flowers

She said I must light

The red candle

For love and romance,

Not the black,

Never the black,

It allowed bad spirits inside.

Sprinkle crushed mint leaves

Picked at dawn

Under your pillow

While I whispered my name


So that I may live in

Your dreams

As you do in mine.

That if I saw you on

The street,

I must take care,

Not to pass by your left,

Eye contact was paramount,

So that I may tether your soul

To mine,

I’ve been up

All night,

Would it be worth it?

Loraganic, Classicflix, Evelyn D.Green and midevam, welcome✨

I claim no truths in anything I’ve written.

thanks for reading🍀

Weak vs strong 7: TREMBLE

With shaking knees

And trembling hands

Take life by the throat

And swear that you will

Never let go

Until you know

That you will be


rhondafletchers, welcome✨

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117: GEN K

Write a “generation” poem.

In these times,

Where you can’t keep up,

With everyone around you,

Where you should have planned

For your life

From the age of 5,

Where you’ll feel inadequate

When one younger

Accomplishes more than

You’ve managed to do

In your centuries of existence,

As society has taken to

Reminding you,

Of your failures

Your lack of genetics

Or just stinky luck,

Where you stay up all night,

Trying to poke

Holes into your


For a glimpse into the future

For a hope of something better

In this generation of keeping up.

Ramone, Stwayne Keubrick’s Art Shop, Top Action Scene and angelketo, welcome✨

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While he held onto
His dreams
Of her,
From afar
He forgot
To plan
For when that
Dream became

rajanisingh885721172 and wangrincreationsdev, welcome✨

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