Journey: Yours

I watched those like me fly while I crawled in the mud at the bottom of their shoes

I reached out for a hand and got jeers and dirt in my face on their way to the top

I bit my lip, wiped the dirt off of me and I crawled my way to the finish line

I fly now and I hold the hands of those who left me behind on my knees.

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Confessions of a fanatic weight watcher

Leg raises apparently get easier.

You eventually stop breathing like you’re dying.

You apparently start to enjoy your workouts.

The secret is not giving up (I’m sorry if you expected profound wisdom) and repeatition. When I started this my 100th(I’m joking) get well get fit journey, I jumped from workout to workout. Mostly because I was overwhelmed by all the workout content that exists out there. Mind blowing. After about 6 months of jumping all over the place I decided that I could not possibly manage to do every body’s workout, so I narrowed it down to a few and I cycle through those. It might also not help that I get bored easily, which might be the reason I’ve fallen off so many times but I think I’ve got it down now.

I’m always looking for new things, new ways to make things a little bit more interesting (and I don’t think that’s a bad thing) so I will keep trying to create a routine while also not feeling like I’m stuck in a rut and allow myself to get bored. I haven’t checked my measurements or weight in like months but I can see and feel a difference, which has lasted even when I scaled back.



Is the sandy feeling in your eyes as you stare at the work

For the eighth time in as many minutes with no solution,

A mere prelude to the tears that threaten to spill at the next

Small discomfort,

The blank slate in your imagination as you try and fail

To come up with ways to escape the life you were born into,

Is the final conclusion that nothing will be as you wish

And you’ll be better of asleep.

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To arms

Second try


Would you say I take your breath away

Just one more time?

My heart is yet to accept it.

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Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten,

How to laugh and live,

Until I remember I’ve been through worse,

Because I chose to live when I walked

Away from us.


Red flag

You couldn’t say I lied

When you heard me whisper those words to the night,

For she knows and she sees,

I’ll never be what’s best for you.

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